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Homesong shared a post.1 month ago

Loved playing here in clachan, Lorien Silvan


Homesong shared a post.2 months ago

If you are a singer/songwriter/musician and would like to come along and take a wee turn at our Hogmanany Ceilidh in Tayinloan, please get in touch, LoriXX


Homesong shared a post.2 months ago

Christmas Homesong happening in Campbeltown next Friday. Contact Fee Tunes if you're interested.


Homesong shared a post.4 months ago

A Great Big Thank You to Sheila and Jim for your lovely music-what a treat for the ears! You are both such a talent! It was great to get to know you both too, and hope to see you again. Looking forward to listening to your CD.
Also Thank you to all who came, I appreciate your support and feel so privileged to have this amazing event hereXX


Homesong shared a post.4 months ago

The other band are here.


Homesong shared a post.4 months ago

“Pick me! Pick me!”

Neither The Veggies nor the Spices could bare the thought of missing out on Homesong Campbeltown on Friday when The The Blue Moon Travellers would be performing.

Sadly, as part of the Halftime Curry they’d miss the Second-Half. Definitely a price worth paying though.

Definitely worth contacting Fee Tunes to find out more.


David through arch

Hi, my name is David Fee. I am a singer-songwriter from Campbeltown, Kintyre, Scotland and I started HomeSong to encourage the growth of small music gigs and artistic events  in people’s homes.

A HomeSong Gig is a bit like indoor busking. It simply consists of an invited audience and a musician ,or other kinds of artist, performing their art in someone’s living room. Homesong brings people together for creative entertainment and friendship right on their doorstep. When you can see the eyes of the artist it causes the song, or whatever form of art it happens to be, to come alive. The audience gets a chance to donate to the artist who, as well as earning some money, is given the opportunity to showcase their creativity to an attentive audience.

Homesong is nothing if not local and, as I live in Kintyre, Argyll, that is the area where I am  personally trying to get these gigs going. But, wherever you call home, contact us if you’re interested in becoming a Homesonger (a Homesong host), a Homesinger (a Homesong performer), or simply in being a part of the fantastic Homesong Audiences that make a Homesong gig come alive. Please  use this site as a resource for setting up Homesong gigs anywhere. That’s what it’s for. Read the blog and look around this site. Join in!

Cheers for now

There are 3 kinds...
...of People
In order for a HomeSong gig to happen, three kinds of people are needed.


There are many other people and groups working towards making music a community changing reality again, instead of the soulless industry it has too much become. I believe that all the best changes happen from the ground up. This is a grass roots project, and it can only live if people get involved and get their hands dirty.

Here’s to dirty hands!

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