The Sound Of Silence

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One target I set myself at the start of the year was to write a blog for Homesong everyday of this year. I had the odd flop, but was relatively pleased that I’d managed to keep it going until recently. But regular readers will have noticed that there have been a couple of longer lapses recently, particularly over the last three weeks.

To be kind to myself, I have decided to just write one blog a week until September, at which point I plan to start the daily blog again until the end of the year, before reviewing plans. I will continue setting myself difficult (for me) targets, but I’m also not planning to beat myself up when I fail, as that helps nobody. Neither do I want to allow  Homesong to become tangled up with my own personal development. There is, however, undoubtedly a connection between the two at this stage of proceedings.

Homesong is an idea which neither I, nor anybody else can own. But ideas are nothing without people.

Both people and ideas fail. Never-the-less, both can succeed with a commitment to learn on the journey, and to get up again when we fall.

I’m trying and falling. And I’m commited to learning and continuing.

David Fee

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