Finding A Purpose…

…in a world where actually we’ve probably got far less to worry about, but in which we worry much more. We read about violence, tragedy, and imminent doom and catastrophe every day, if we choose [...]

The Sound Of Silence

One target I set myself at the start of the year was to write a blog for Homesong everyday of this year. I had the odd flop, but was relatively pleased that I’d managed to keep it going [...]


I’ve got a poster that proclaims the wonders of all things Homesong: Click to view PDF If you are able to place these in suitable locations in your neighbourhood (wherever that may be) then [...]

An Appeal

Hi, You might know me. I’m David. I witter on about stuff. And I am trying to promote this idea which I think is quite good. It’s called Homesong. I know. You’ve heard the word [...]

In blog

Do/Don’t Do

Do. Don’t Do. That’s the binary code for human activity. It’s simple really, when we use the old zen magic and live each moment as it happens. It gets a bit more complicated  when we [...]

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