Here’s an unusual thing. Did you know that as recently as 2004 a Tupperware Party took place in someones home somewhere in the world every 2 seconds?  That’s 43,200 tupperware parties a day. A tupperware party is a get together in somebodies house, where tupperware is sold. Tupperware, for the unaware, is sealed plastic containers that keep food fresh. It is a very nice product.  As well as keeping your food fresh I’m sure it must have other potential uses too. But the fact  remains that it will probably never be a defining moment in somebody’s life. It will never make them cry. Or laugh. Or hope. Or make them want to dance. It won’t make them think about the meaning of life. Or cause them to remember a special moment in their lives. A sad or a happy moment. It won’t make them feel alive.

Like a song can.

Yet during our recent lifetime lots of people allowed lots of other people into their homes, in order to talk about and sell tupperware. Lots and lots. So I have a question. If that many people allowed other people into their homes to sell tupperware, why can’t more of us allow people into our homes to play songs and make music with us?

Actually, as you may well know, this already happens on a gradually increasing scale, especially in the USA. Home gigs or home concerts are fairly well established over there. There are a few in the UK and other parts of Europe too.  And of course in some parts of the world music has never really disappeared from the homes and communities where it is made. But nowhere is there anything yet  in comparison to the sheer numbers of Tupperware Parties!

So the challenge for Homesong, and other organisations with similar aims around the world, is to encourage a cultural change. A change in which it becomes normal for people to spend  time together at somebodies house, with people from their neighbourhood, listening to music or experiencing other forms of art.

The world is getting smaller and we keep hearing bad news. From everywhere. There is lot’s of good news to be heard of course. It just doesn’t make such a loud noise. I think we could do with people coming together more for celebrations of music and community where we live. I hope that’s not merely a personal opinion. I hope we (that is the “we” who sometimes feel helpless to change anything in a changing world) can grasp the nettle and change the things we can change. I think we should. For the sakes of our children and grandchildren.

So why not set up or support a Homesong venue near you? It’s not too difficult, and it’s a lot of fun. Join in!

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