10 Simple Steps

If you’re wanting to host a homesong gig it’s really quite simple:


Invite an artist.  Someone relatively local to you is good to begin with. You can always ask, and they can always say no.  If you are struggling to find someone,  get in touch with Homesong and we’ll see if we can help.


Set a date and time. Weekend evenings are probably best, but not compulsory.


Invite friends, neighbours and family around on the said date. Give them a bit of info (an internet link to their music is ideal) about who is coming to play. 


On the day arrange a few chairs in an informal way facing in the general direction of the “stage” (ps…you don’t need an actual stage).


Maybe have a few nibbles prepared. Not compulsory. You can ask people to bring their own liquid refreshments if you provide cups and glasses. 


When folk have arrived (there will probably be latecomers) introduce  your guest artist. They can play a set of 30 to 45 minutes (or whatever you’ve agreed) followed by a break.


Have a break of 15 or 20 minutes for toilets and smokers etc. During the break hand round what I call the Busking Box. Encourage people to support the artist financially.


Get everybody together for the second half of the set. 


Finish by thanking the artist and everyone for coming. Get everyone  who is interested in future gigs onto a mailing list. Give the artist the collected proceeds. And feel free to encourage the audience to leave before too long. It’s your house and it’s not a party! Unless it’s a party!


Have a glass of your favourite tipple and give yourself a pat on the bag. You are now officially a Homesonger. 

Added Extras:

It can often help the artists if you are able to provide a bed or even a couch for the night, especially if they have travelled from a distance. Paying for accommodation adds to their expenses and might make the gig less attractive for them.

If you would like to encourage the community aspect more, why not have a potluck meal before hand when the invited audience (if they want) can bring something to eat. Perhaps a chance to chat with artist before the gig.

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