I’ve been inspired to start Homesong by various people who are already promoting hosting or playing at home gigs around the world. The sort of people who are involved in this small scale music scene are inevitably fantastic, generous hearted, cool folk. Though I would say that wouldn’t I… 😉

As an example, after being quite advance in my plans for starting off Homesong in Scotland where I live, I belatedly discovered that a fella called Rob Ellen was well ahead of the game. He’s been up and running with his Euro House Concert Hub for a few years. When I contacted him to tell him of my own plans he didn’t say, “hey, this is my patch, cheerio”. He basically said “Welcome, the more the merrier”.

And that’s basically how i feel about it too. The whole home gig thing is a real way forward for grass roots music, and they should be everywhere. So I’m more than happy to support anyone else who is Doin’ It too and I’d appreciate any suggestions for how I can do that on this website. In addition please feel free to give me any constructive criticism, advice or ideas regarding Homesong. And if you have got some experiences you’d like to share about home gigging, whether as an artist, a host or an audience member, I’d love to receive submissions for the Homesong blog. 

So onwards and upwards. I think if we work together we’ve got something that can carry on making a real difference in the music world and in local communities. I mean c’mon!  Tupperware FFS!???

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