Two Short Term Plans


A profile page for artists with a link to their music. This we will be providing quite soon. By that I mean before the end of the year.


 We want to create a unique database that will enable artists  and hosts to connect with each other. So, for instance, if you were planning to tour a particular area during a particular time, potential hosts would be easily able to find and contact you. 

All of this will  potentially enable you to get more gigs. To create a Homesong specific database in the future we will need funds and, as Homesong plans to be self sustaining, that is something we need to work on. But we’ll get to that in good time.

Of course, in order for any connections to happen we simply need to find more Homesong venues and more Homesong hosts to welcome you in. That is our priority, and I promise that is what we are working to make happen.

But as an artist why not have a short term plan yourself: if you’ve got the space, host an Homesong event in your own home with an invited artist (which could be you of course). The more of these gigs that happen the more other people will be inspired to try it for themselves.

Two Long Term Aims


A musical world in which organising small gigs is made relatively easy, and where doing so ceases to be an exercise in self flagellation and the art of begging. In other words, one where artists can worry more about making good art, and less about…well, other stuff.


Enough Homesong venues and networks to enable talented, upcoming artists to potentially earn a full time wage if they so desire, and if they put in the time and effort.

As a singer/songwriter I think that working to create more Homesong venues is a no-brainer. The challenge for Homesong at this point in time is not to persuade you, the artists, to make yourselves available for Homesong gigs. The challenge is to try and build that network of available gigs. So the main message to us is: let’s be the creators of the kind of music environment that we’re wishing for. If we work together it’s achievable. I’m personally declaring myself in for the long haul.

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