Two Short Term Plans


We want to put up a daily calendar of Home gigs happening anywhere. This will not be particularly in order to advertise the individual events (this should happen locally) so much as to show that they are  happening, and where they are happening, and help Homesongers to feel a part of a wider community. So keep an eye out for that in the new year.


Slightly further ahead we want to create a database and software that makes it easy for Homesongers to find and connect up with Homesingers and to organise gigs. Homesong isn’t a gig promoter. It’s a resource to help you promote your own gig. So the better we do that the better we are doing.

We expect that Homesongers will usually take the initiative by asking artists to come and play. But we will give Homesongers  the option to choose to allow artists to message them directly.  At the moment it is easier to find artists willing to play than it is homes and hosts that are willing to let them. We want to address that balance.

Two Long Term Aims


Here in Kintyre we have a small cluster of Homesong venues who talk with each other about artists and dates to organise mini-weekend tours for a particular artist. We hope in the future to see more of these connections everywhere. So you don’t have to stop at becoming a Homesong host. You could play a part in finding more venues in your area and helping each other to connect.


It is a hope that many of these Homesong venues will become more than just a place where a gig happens, but a place where people find friendship and a sense of enriched community.

A Homesong gig is great thing to promote because  it advertises itself. As more venues pop up, as more people experience them, it has that magical word of mouth quality. And each individual homesong has the capacity to take on a character of it’s own, each different and unique depending on the host, the location, the audience and the artist. It simply needs people like you to give it a go. So Join In.

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