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Someone Like Lori

Lori lives in a village with no pub and no regular opportunities for a night out to relax with other folk. But she does have a small outhouse which, with a bit of TLC, becomes a great  home based venue for a small gig…


Someone Like Lori cont’d…

…Lori enjoys making invitation cards to give to people in the village, and preparing a few nibbles to be consumed, greedily, on the night. She says: “It is inspiring to hear how much talent we have right here on our doorstep. It also gives up and coming musicians a chance to play to an audience and hopefully will inspire others to have a go.

Someone Like Alison

Alison has a wide circle of family and friends who get together for a shindig now and then anyway. Inviting some new and original musicians adds a bit of interest to the get togethers, and makes it a bit more of a Happening.

Someone Like Lewis and Beldina

They are both performing musicians who live in Glasgow. Although there is a lot of entertainment available, they love the intimacy and community of gigs in the home. Having played at a few Homesong gigs in other people’s houses they have seen at first hand what a enriching experience it is for all involved. Now they want to start holding Homesong gigs in their own flat, both to give something back and enjoy the experience with an armchair view.

Someone Like Me

As a singer-songwriter I obviously have a love for music. I also like the idea of bringing people together in my community. I like the fact that my home can play a role in that. And I like having interesting artists playing original music in my living room, and the chance to get to know them and support their music. Finally, I believe, as the cliche goes, that you get out what you put in. Helping this to happen inevitably helps me as a human being and as an artist. Go me!


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