The Homesong Artist

Someone Like Beldina


Beldina Odenyo is a songwriter who has played Homesong gigs solo and with others. She writes the kind of songs that come alive in an intimate home setting and loves the more informal, community orientated nature of Homesong. She also likes the way it gives an opportunity for up and coming artists who hold down regular jobs to fit in some fairly easily organised gigs around the weekends.

Someone Like Daniel

Daniel Smith is a musician who is returning to full time music making and finds that homesong gigs are a great way to make some money and build an audience between bigger events.  They are simple to organise. They are enjoyable in their own right, with a special intimate vibe. And they are possibly a place to experiment or try out new material away from the more pressured, bigger stages.


Someone Like Brenda


Brenda Xu lives in the US but is planning a tour in Europe. Homesong gigs are a great way to help her fill the gaps in her itinerary, or  even make up most of the tour, and of introducing herself to a new audience. At the moment it takes her a fair bit of organisation to arrange such a tour. The more Homesong venues the better. And the more artists who could then take the plunge of arranging a tour on new horizons with minimal overheads and a lot less risk

Someone Like Me

I’m not a mainstream artist, or even a remotely well known one. But I am  someone who writes a lot of songs, performs when I get the chance, and generally receives good feedback about the music I make.  For someone like me Homesong gigs could be an end in themselves, a way of gaining more live experience, or a possible route to a full time living making music.

David Fee
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