David Fee

David Fee has been writing and performing songs, fast ones, slow ones, and a few of a medium sort of pace, for the last twenty years. His style could possibly be described as eclectic, if that particular label wasn’t over-subscribed. For the last 4 years he has released an original song in a feature called Fee Comes Fourth on every fourth of the month. Over the last two years he has hosted a regular gig for original songwriters in his home in Campbeltown, Scotland, and has helped to get other similar home gigs happening in the area.

David has been in the caring professions for most of his working life. He is married to Ineke from the Netherlands and together they have raised five sons and are long term foster carers to four other boys. He is now a proud Grandaddy, which, as it turns out, happens to be one of life’s most reinvigorating changes. He plans to continue making music  and to begin performing on a far more regular basis. Ideally at Homesong venues that have yet to be even imagined. Which might be somewhere at a house near you. Or even at your house…

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