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I haven’t spoken to anyone yet who has attended a Homesong gig that hasn’t enjoyed the experience. Often people arrive not really knowing what to expect, yet go away delighted. It’s a great opportunity to hear new music. Even genres that you weren’t so keen on, can be appreciated more in an intimate home setting. And you might make new friends or get to meet people from your neighbourhood who were previously strangers to you. The whole thing is chilled, friendly and relaxing. In other words, it’s a good thing.

There might already be home gigs or concerts (even if they’re not called Homesong gigs) happening near you now, so it’s worth checking online or asking around. We’ll be putting links up to other home gig networks soon, although Homesong isn’t specifically here to advertise local home gigs. We simply want to get more of them happening and it is the job of the local hosts to make their gig known and  issue invites. But if you discover a home gig, it doesn’t hurt to ask the host (politely!) if they’d be prepared to invite you. However it is their home, so who they let in is up to them at the end of the day.

If there are no home gigs near you,  why not  think about becoming a Homesonger yourself and starting one up. If you’ve got space for a small audience in your living room, say 15 – 30 folk (hey, they can squash up) then why not? And you’ll get to have a priority connection with whoever the performer is. Or if you like the idea of hosting one, but don’t think your particular space is suitable, then ask a friend or someone with a suitable space about giving it a try. It would be a shame to miss out.

In the meantime, I hope you’ll read the blog, spread the word, and be inspired by what’s happening.

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