3 kinds

of people


First we have the HomeSonger. This is the person, it could be you, who loves music and other arts, and is happy to use their home, whether it be big or small, as a meeting place for an invited local audience.  Your living room could be the place where the magic happens and special connections are made.  You won’t earn any money from doing this, but a little bit of commitment can bring huge rewards. If you get the chance to attend a HomeSong gig you will see what we mean. Artists and audiences love them, and you could be the one who makes it happen. Without Homesongers there is no Homesong.


Secondly we need Homesingers who are ready, willing, and able to share their art, whether that be music, comedy, poetry or A.N.Other, in the relaxing and intimate setting of somebody’s home. Talented individuals who are possibly finding it difficult to discover their audience. It is hard to find a rewarding road forward as a creative artist in this often strange and ironically disconnected, digital age. A HomeSong event can be the door to new connections and possibilities.


Thirdly, we need a curious Audience. People who like the sound of this new experience (even if you can’t quite imagine what it might be like) and who would like the chance to find out more. Instead of appreciating music and art from a distance or along with competing distractions, you can experience it up close and personal, and have eye contact and conversations with the artist. You can ask the person who wrote the song, why they wrote the song. Or what inspired the poem or book or painting. Or how the comedian ended up doing that! Where you can enjoy some good craic, make new friends, and not have to travel any further than your own neighbourhood for the enjoyment of a live show.

You may still have a heap of questions, and our aim is to provide as many answers as possible on this site. Or feel free to contact us. If you sign up to our mailing list you will receive regular emailed blogs and news updates, enabling you to take an active part in the growth of HomeSong. You can participate either as a Homesonger, a Homesinger or as a fan. Or all three.

Our aim is to get you all connected. The main thing is to keep the art live. And to get back, in a forward looking kind of way, to a time when the art, the artists, and the community they came from, had a vital relationship. We’ve lost that somewhere along the road.

So help to make those creative connections come alive and join HomeSong now.

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