Finding A Purpose…

…in a world where actually we’ve probably got far less to worry about, but in which we worry much more.

We read about violence, tragedy, and imminent doom and catastrophe every day, if we choose to follow the regular news channels. It is possible to carry round the anxiety of “something isn’t right, or won’t be right, very soon” while in reality our lives revolve around far more mundane matters. Some of that mundanity may be relatively serious, for instance the health of relatives. But most of the time it is unhelpful for us to worry, let alone be fearful.

But we do are. We are.

Perhaps we simply need a purpose. Maybe we just need to give our brains some real problems to solve. A challenge.

A canoeist who is trying to find their way down a stretch of choppy water doesn’t have time to feel something as luxurious as anxiety. They have to stay focussed, alert, and committed.

For some of us our worries might be a signpost, telling us that we need to start making our lives a little bit tougher.

It’s a thought, anyway.

David Fee


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